PRIDA Medical Microbiology Diploma course

To improve and standardise the training of medical pathologists in microbiology, PRIDA has developed an annual online medical microbiology course that originated in 2017 when it was attended by PNG pathology trainees.  The course has steadily expanded its student base since then with 13 scientists, doctors, and pharmacists, successfully graduating in 2020.   The faculty have expanded to 28 RCPA pathologists, scientists and researchers and there are 30 enrolled students (from 11 countries in the Asia Pacific region) enrolled in 2021. The course has become a pre-requisite for pathology training at the Fiji National University.  Attendence is free and successful completion leads to the award of a diploma. The current course commenced in March 2021. Enrolment for 2022 will be available in January.

Syllabus see- Medical Microbiology Postgraduate Diploma overview 2021 .

The PRIDA postgraduate education web resource reflects much of the previous course content.

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